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RANT TIME: James Holmes' 'Holmies'

Okay, so today I was on Facebook and I came across this article and I still feel physically ill from it all. Just a heads…

RANT TIME: Kristen Stewart Cheats On Robert Pattinson.

Okay, so, Buzznet, it's been awhile, but I have to weigh in on this topic. Everyone has had to deal with the nauseating coverage of…

Happy Fathers Day.

This isn't going to be a conventional Fathers Day post, just a heads up. My biological father was NEVER a good father to me and…
catherinejessie Jun 16, 2012
JWoww and Snookie, one of my all time favorite pairs of besties.pic

Dear Amanda Bynes: Who Are You Kidding?

I'm about to rant here, and if you don't like my rants, then you should probably click away right this second. Okay? Okay, here goes. When…
The Best Foreign Language Tattoos!pic

The Best Foreign Language Tattoos!

"I regret nothing"This tat is GORGEOUS. <3
catherinejessie Jun 05, 2012 Originally by keltiecolleen

Aw, Andy is leaving Saturday Night Live, this makes me so sad.

Reblogged from Jenny Lynn Say it isn't so! Andy Samberg has confirmed to the New York Times that he will not be returning to the NBC…
catherinejessie Jun 02, 2012 Originally by jennylynnlovesyou

Happy Birthday, Marilyn.

Eighty-six years ago today, one of the most beautiful, most elegant women in the world was born, miss Marilyn Monroe. Now, I haven't met a…
catherinejessie Jun 01, 2012
Carmen by Lana Del Reyvid

Carmen by Lana Del Rey

So, I recently started listening to Lana Del Rey and I am absolutely obsessed with her. The girl is stunning and her voice is amazing…
catherinejessie Jun 01, 2012

It's been ages...

Sorry guys, there's been a lot going on. I've had to kick my roommate out and I've been going through a lot of other dramatic…
catherinejessie May 31, 2012
My babypic

My baby

Dexter just had a bath and now he's all snuggled in a blankie to keep warm and cozy :) <3
catherinejessie May 23, 2012

Okay... WHAT?

Bristol Palin posted on her blog, speaking against Barack Obama's support of same-sex marriage and not only managed to make gay people sound like monsters…
catherinejessie May 10, 2012
Chris Squaredpic

Chris Squared

Chris Evans & Chris Hemsworth... so much hotness in one picture! <3
catherinejessie May 10, 2012 Originally by pishelle
Person 1: My Brotherpic

Person #1: My Brother

My brother is four years younger than I am. When he was first born, I really didn't want a brother. I actually asked my mother…
catherinejessie May 10, 2012
Barack Obama supporting same-sex marriage.vid

Barack Obama supporting same-sex marriage.

As I said yesterday, Barack Obama is probably the only politician that I respect. I myself am not an American citizen, but I admire him…
catherinejessie May 10, 2012
Relevant to my post earlier today...vid

Relevant to my post earlier today...

Good for you, Barack Obama. I have admired the President of the United States for many, many things but this is definitely the number one…
catherinejessie May 09, 2012
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